Play Google Dino Dinosaur. T-Rex Chrome.

Hello! This is a Google Dinosaur game, to play press the space bar. Google Dino game supports all browsers both desktop and mobile. Spacebar or up arrow - jump. Down Arrow - Crouch.
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Google Dino game. Online and Offline.

You have definitely seen this game in your browser if you use Google Chrome. It always appeared when there was no internet connection. This is an offline game, you can start this site with google dino and turn off the internet, the game will continue. Beloved dinosaur T-rex is always with us.

How did the game come about

Google Dinosaur, aka Google Dino, aka T-Rex Game, aka Dino Runner - was born in September 2014, it was invented by game designer Sebastian Gabriel. It first appeared in the Google Chome browser, and people did not understand what to do, and what kind of pixel dinosaur it was. By the way, during the development of the game, its code name sounded like "Project Bolan". And they named it in honor of the lead singer of the musical group T-Rex Marc Bolan!


In the original, the game was displayed on the Chrome user page when there was no network when trying to go to any site. The game was finalized in December 2014, and now it works on all devices. To start - press "space" and the T-rex dinosaur will run. When you see a cactus obstacle, you need to jump up by pressing space or up arrow. The dinosaur will gradually accelerate, and it will become more difficult to play. When the pteradactels fly by (appear after 400 points), you need to press the down arrow to duck.
The game is endless, it does not have, and cannot have, a finish line. Only the number of points earned, it is shown at the top right. Upon reaching 700 points, the background of the game will turn dark, and upon reaching 900, it will become light again. Or vice versa, it all depends on the current theme in your browser.

Cheats for Google Dino Dinosaur

Yes, we are all not without sin. A couple of cheats for the T-rex are known:
1 cheat: Runner.instance_.setSpeed(100); - Instead of a hundred, you can use any other value (points earned go faster/slower).
2 cheat: Runner.instance_.playingIntro = true; - Dino will run, but he will do it in one place, but the points will continue to be scored.
3 cheat: Runner.instance_.gameOver = function(){}; - The dinosaur runs without tripping over cacti, pterodactyls and other obstacles.
But still, let's play honestly, without cheats.